Top 3 Selling Exhaust Systems

Considering a custom muffler upgrade? If so, you're making a good decision. It is wise to upgrade the muffler or exhaust system that is factory-installed for your vehicle for a number of reasons.

Customization of your exhaust system will make the car more fuel-efficient, help your engine to work more effectively, and increase your horsepower. It will also impress by giving your automobile a more distinctive and aggressive sound. The three most popular exhaust system brands are Magnaflow, Flowmaster, and Borla. Each of the three is reviewed below.

Flowmaster Advantages -
Installing a Flowmaster muffler typically improves your horsepower 10% due to increased air flow. It gives your car a stronger and bolder, and some would say more masculine, resonance out on the road. Your engine will not have to work as hard to operate – this means you will not have to hit the gas station as often for fuel. This brand of exhaust system features a muffler containing chambers. When you buy a Flowmaster system, the box will contain everything you need for a DIY job if you prefer to make the replacement on your own.

Magnaflow Advantages -
This brand of muffler gives a similar, but deeper and perhaps more refined, rumble to your car. The muffler within a Magnaflow system is coated with an acoustic enhancer which gives it its easily identifiable, trademark "voice." Its catalytic converter is designed like honeycomb – a feature which eases the burden of the engine. Similarly to with the Flowmaster, you won't find you need as much gasoline once you have performed a custom job with a Magnaflow. This exhaust system includes a warranty for life. Its installation is fairly simple, seamlessly snapping onto the vehicle with bolts, if you have a good array of tools.

Borla Advantages -
Borla is a third standard option for customization. Borla is used in racecars and is designed with the same quality of metals that are used by NASA. This type of muffler provides a "throatier" sound. Its quality is extremely high, but the acoustics are not as smooth to the untrained ear.

Flowmaster will be better for fuel efficiency and packing more power into your vehicle – by increasing the airflow through the exhaust. Magnaflow will add a deeper resonance to your car and will allow your engine to operate more effectively. Borla is the unparred champion of exhaust systems, if you need a muffler customization that will really turn heads.

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